Friday, January 20, 2012

Cover of Rex Cresting

Okay, here is what I have - cat references and numbers are both out. Instead, he has three lines drawn in blood which is something from the book.

The smaller title isn't meant to be legible in thumbnail size.

Both covers together for comparison:


  1. I think I like the faded pawprint best BUT - I'm not sure I like it at all. I love the idea of reversing that first GREAT cover but what is it that is different about Eli in this book? Can that be shown in some way?
    The numbers on the lip - I actually like the smaller black version but does he actually have those on his lip in the book?? You say that they don't have to be there which suggests he doesn't actually have them so I don't get that.
    I think the downside of using the reverse image is the lack of room to play with anything apart from his face.
    maybe the shadow of a cat somewhere? Or paw prints going across the whole cover??
    I'm not very good at visual things!

  2. Thank you Barbara! I do get what you're saying and you're right, it does give me less room to play. Still I'll work with that.
    The paw prints are out.
    The numbers are not on his lips really, but I want to integrate them in the cover, which is hard.